Take Advantage of Utility Rebates and Government Incentives for your BMS Project

Utility Rebates

Building management systems (BMS) are essential to today’s office buildings, hospitals, colleges, and universities. Once the building is occupied, owners and tenants can save considerable money on energy bills. Buildings are also responsible for as much as 37% of pollutants and greenhouse gases in the US. Hence, reducing that output is essential as the country … Read more

Legionella Prevention: FICO Links BMS to Smart Faucets, Controlling Pathogens

Legionella Prevention

The experts at FICO are playing a pivotal role in Legionella prevention at the VA Hospital in Ft. Harrison, near Helena, Montana. FICO worked with manufacturers of smart sensors for water testing and Armstrong Rada Digital Faucets with Infection Control that automatically flush parts of the plumbing system not used regularly. These are two crucial … Read more

How to Be a Facilities Hero

Facility Manager's Guide

A Facility Manager’s Guide to Building Management Systems in 2023 FICO provides turnkey building management systems (BMS) for businesses, schools, office buildings, hospitals, and others in and around Montana. We have been doing it for more than 20 years. We are also experts in building management and system integration services, and our staff has numerous … Read more

Protecting Students from Toxic Wildfire Smoke with Properly Controlled HVAC


During this past summer, more than 200 wildfires burned across Canada. The smoke was so intense that schools in Philadelphia (hundreds of miles away) went to remote learning in June. Remote learning is nothing new, but it doesn’t replace the in-classroom experience. Had those fires occurred during August and September, the intersection of the traditional … Read more

9 Keys to Unlock a Safe and Secure Construction Jobsite

job site safety

Nearly 8 million Americans work in the construction industry. While job sites are exciting places to work, they can also be dangerous if proper safety measures are not in place. Resources allotted to ensure a safe site are an investment that always pays dividends. OSHAEducationSchools.com estimates that construction industries achieve savings of $4 to $6 … Read more

Making Schools Healthier and Safer Using Federal ESSER Funding Grants

Montana schools have a unique opportunity to upgrade their building systems thanks to a Federal relief program known by the acronym ESSER that addresses educational challenges. This program brings a combined total of $605 million to Montana schools.  There are three rounds of ESSER funding. The latest round, the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary … Read more

Taming Rising Energy Costs

Rising Energy Cost

Are you worried about how future energy costs might affect your building and business? What can you do now to be well-positioned when energy cost increases hit? Turbulent price swings during the 2021-2022 energy crisis continue to affect virtually every U.S. market. Commercial natural gas prices reached record highs, oil hit its highest price in … Read more

The Importance of Power Quality Monitoring For Your Building

Power quality monitoring

Every building and business owner knows the expression ‘keep the lights on.’  While that expression can have nuances, the most fundamental meaning is ‘able to do business.’ But what happens when that very same electrical power that ‘keeps your lights on’ also causes equipment malfunction, higher utility bills, or shuts down your equipment? Variations in … Read more

Improve the Productivity of Your Stretched Workforce By Creating Safe, Healthy, Indoor Environments

safe indoor environment

How hard has it been for your business to stay fully staffed? There’s been a major workplace shift since the Covid epidemic. Even if your business has embraced highly desirable hybrid work models, chances are that your workforce is feeling stretched and stressed. There are not enough people to fill current job openings, according to … Read more

FICO provides turnkey building management and system integration services for technically complex buildings in Montana and beyond. From design and installation to ongoing maintenance and security, our best-in-class people and products help you achieve operational savings and minimize risk as you work to provide reliable and safe environments.

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