Is it time for a midsummer check of your Building’s BMS?


Summer is here, with harsh weather in many regions across the country. Heat and its challenges can be tough on your BMS (building management system). However, simple maintenance can address most of these challenges.  Many summertime issues relate not only to BMS but also directly to the HVAC system in your building. Fortunately, FICO technicians … Read more

BMS and lighting control systems: Intertwined technologies

Lighting Controls on BMS Systems

Building management systems have their roots in HVAC. In the late 1800s, as the industrial age started pushing more people into smaller work areas, industrialists began to see the first cases of sick building syndrome—employees becoming ill from breathing stale air and exposure to infectious diseases. Those employees who didn’t get sick were often still … Read more

Take Advantage of Utility Rebates and Government Incentives for your BMS Project

Utility Rebates

Building management systems (BMS) are essential to today’s office buildings, hospitals, colleges, and universities. Once the building is occupied, owners and tenants can save considerable money on energy bills. Buildings are also responsible for as much as 37% of pollutants and greenhouse gases in the US. Hence, reducing that output is essential as the country … Read more

How to Be a Facilities Hero

Facility Manager's Guide

A Facility Manager’s Guide to Building Management Systems in 2023 FICO provides turnkey building management systems (BMS) for businesses, schools, office buildings, hospitals, and others in and around Montana. We have been doing it for more than 20 years. We are also experts in building management and system integration services, and our staff has numerous … Read more

Building Maintenance Systems: The Info You Need to Know


Few of us appreciate how a building management system created the mood for many successful first dates and harmonious relationships in the early ‘90s. Do you want to know how?  In 1993, women packed the theaters, dragging their boyfriends and husbands to see the rom-com movie of the year, Sleepless in Seattle. Tom Hanks and … Read more

Using Preventive Maintenance Agreements to Reduce BMS Costs

Using Preventive Maintenance Agreements to Reduce BMS Costs

How do companies cover the maintenance needs of their building management system (BMS) in a way that allows for a predictable budget? At FICO, our BMS experts assess your system and tailor a preventive maintenance agreement customized to your building and budget.  “We take a holistic look at your system,” explains Mitch Andrus, senior account … Read more

What is a Building Management System?

What is a building management system

The numbers are astounding. There are more than 5.9 million commercial buildings in the US, representing 97 billion square feet.  These buildings consume about 35% of the total electricity usage in the US. The same buildings also generate about 826 million tons of carbon dioxide, about 16% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the US. … Read more

Choosing the Right BMS Contractor (why it matters and how to do it)

Choosing the Right BMS Contractor Blog Featured Image

How important is the building management system (BMS) in your building? Let’s put it this way: if you are not worrying about it, it’s because you have an excellent building management system contractor watching over things. You May Not Know the Term BMS  There are other names and acronyms for this critical component of your … Read more

FICO provides turnkey building management and system integration services for technically complex buildings in Montana and beyond. From design and installation to ongoing maintenance and security, our best-in-class people and products help you achieve operational savings and minimize risk as you work to provide reliable and safe environments.

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