Improve the Productivity of Your Stretched Workforce By Creating Safe, Healthy, Indoor Environments

How hard has it been for your business to stay fully staffed? There’s been a major workplace shift since the Covid epidemic. Even if your business has embraced highly desirable hybrid work models, chances are that your workforce is feeling stretched and stressed.

There are not enough people to fill current job openings, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. As the nature of work shifts, becoming increasingly technology-based, the value of having and retaining the right people becomes ever more critical.

It makes sound business sense, then, to provide a healthy, safe workplace so your stretched workforce can meet work demands.

A versatile building management and system integration company, like FICO, has the know-how to help you make your indoor work environment so comfortable and safe that your team might never notice it. Isn’t that the definition of stress-free?

Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Drafty: Decreased Performance, Increased Dissatisfaction

It’s likely no surprise that office temperature is the top complaint at work. But do you know the extent to which office temps affect your staff?

  • Too cold workers make more errors
  • The cost of business increases an average of 10% when workers are too chilly
  • 10% of workers have fought with officemates over temperature settings
  • Science substantiates that women require warmer office temps than men
  • Worker productivity increases with warmer temps

The ability to control and moderate temperatures in different building areas, even between rooms in the same suite, is possible using new technology. While there isn’t an OSHA standard for office temperature and humidity, 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal indoor temperature, according to a joint study.

How do you get to that complaint-free, top-productivity environment? Bring the experts at FICO in to do a systems review, audit efficiency, and fine-tune how you deliver and control temperature and humidity,

Indoor Air Quality: More Than The Air You Breath

Did you know that cleaner air is linked to better productivity, comprehension, and clearer thinking, according to a Harvard Public Health Study? Or that only 36% of respondents to a recent Fellowes survey classified their workplace air quality as very clean? And while most Americans have adjusted to living in a Covid reality, one-third of Americans remain very concerned about Covid in the workplace.

Healthy indoor air clearly matters a lot to indoor workers.

Indoor air quality involves adequate ventilation and the absence of contamination. HEPA filters can greatly reduce airborne viruses and bacteria, allergens, and volatile organic compounds. Air refresh rates, humidity levels, and comfortable temperatures all affect indoor contamination levels as well as comfort.

Achieving and maintaining excellent indoor air quality doesn’t just happen. You may have the right equipment and plan of action and still not achieve the quality your workers deserve. Scheduling regular equipment maintenance, auditing, and fine-tuning, services FICO expertly provides, can help make excellent air quality an achievable reality for your building. 

The Confidence of Safety: Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity

It’s become increasingly worrisome when people gather together, like at work. Workplace violence, virus transmission, individual vulnerability entering or leaving buildings, and personal safety within buildings can multiply your workforce’s stress levels.

A whopping 68% of workers feel less than completely safe at work, according to a new survey done by Honeywell.

“Workers are going to demand more from buildings in the future, and we’re even seeing with these survey results that creating a healthier and safer environment will be a differentiator for staff retention and recruiting, and it may also impact long-term real estate value.” Vimal Kapur, Honeywell Building Technologies

Security and surveillance systems can play critical roles in easing anxiety and providing real safety. Accessible technology can give provide panic alarms, complete access control to your building, and a wide spectrum of video and surveillance monitoring.

Consider the stress your staff might experience coming in early or working late. Knowing how safe your workplace is, both inside and out, could make the difference between focusing on work or distracting anxiety.

FICO specializes in knowing what security and surveillance technology works best. Ask them how you can minimize threats and maximize safety for your people and your buildings so that they can focus on work.

Employee Well-Being: Better Work, Better Businesses

Focusing on safe, healthy workspaces can be one of the best investments you make. A highly skilled workforce is becoming increasingly essential for business success, and attracting and retaining them is more competitive than ever.

More than enough recent studies show that employees are concerned about health and safety at work. Has your business truly heard these concerns and responded appropriately? Do you fully understand the current environment that you’re asking your staff to work in?

Building management and system integration experts, like FICO, make it their business to help your business work seamlessly when it comes to things like security, air quality, and HVAC. Let them help you understand what needs to happen and get it done.

Workplace stress is real. Make sure you’re delivering an environment that enables success.

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