Using Security Preventative Maintenance Agreements to Keep Your Workers Safe

In a perfect world, you’d never lose a minute of sleep wondering if your security system had all the proverbial t’s crossed and i’s dotted. You’d have complete confidence that everything was capably anticipating and meeting all risks and threats, up-to-date, and functioning well.

The irony is that you wouldn’t need a security system in a perfect world.

Let’s talk about reality; mistakes occur, weather can be violent, power surges flare, accidents happen, people share with best intentions, and things break.

It’s our imperfect world that makes a good security system necessary and a great security system invaluable.

Why not take the vulnerability and variability out of your company’s security system? A security preventative maintenance agreement does just that — it makes the safety and security of your employees, your data, your equipment, and your buildings top priority.

Managing Security Is Increasingly Complex and Challenging

As security and communication become increasingly sophisticated, the challenges in managing them become more complex. Software management and upgrades, equipment compatibility, performance issues, and outdated equipment can multiply minor snags into real problems.

Anticipating and managing threats is a critically different challenge than managing your security system. Security is a fast-growing, complex information technology field that’s evolving to include options like cloud-based monitoring and management.

Think about your whole security process: risk assessment, prevention strategies, and system management. Is there someone on your team who can capably manage all three? How up-to-date are they when it comes to new threats and technology?

It makes so much sense to use FICOs services.

What Are the Benefits of a Security Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

A security preventative maintenance agreement gives you peace of mind by knowing that your security equipment is working as it should. Your equipment has been checked, cleaned, and validated, your security software is fully updated, and your cameras and backup system are working as intended.

Because security is becoming increasingly technical and is constantly evolving, it’s essential to keep system upgrades current. A security professional knows which software upgrades will enhance and work with your existing equipment and know how to leverage new release features to your benefit.

Service Agreements can be as functional or as sophisticated as your needs dictate. FICO can design, install, and remotely manage security equipment and systems for you— a done-for-you managed approach— or they can maintain, clean, and service equipment that you already own. Your system can be entirely cloud-based, with remote servers and access and leased equipment, or it can be more streamlined to meet specific challenges.

When you rely on an expert, you gain confidence that your security system is optimally performing and coverage gaps have been closed.

Safety and Security for Your Workforce

Your employees expect a safe and secure workplace, and OSHA considers that an essential worker right. When people feel safe at work, they’re more productive, less stressed, healthier, and miss fewer days away from work.

People want to work for companies that care about them and protect them. Being proactive about safety and security lets your workforce know you value them.

When workers feel unsafe, morale suffers, turnover increases, and mental health declines.

Security cameras help detect parking lot damage to cars, theft of personal items at work, and other  Employees appreciate that you, their employer, have taken clear steps to prevent them from happening and to record incidences if and when they do happen.

Building company loyalty while reducing employee stress is a clear win-win for everyone.

When the Convenient Solution is the BEST

Wear and tear happen to all equipment, including sensitive security equipment. Cameras go down, door sensors get dirty, alarms get falsely triggered, and software updates fail to install correctly. Neglecting routine maintenance can lead to premature equipment damage or loss.

Keeping up with all your security system’s small and large maintenance needs takes dedication and time. The consequences when something doesn’t get done can be severe. A non-functioning camera or hacked door card reader can have consequences that far exceed the cost of a security preventative maintenance agreement.

Working with highly trained, specialized security experts like those at FICO means less stress and more security for your company and for everyone who works there. And that’s a very, very good outcome. 

FICO provides turnkey building management and system integration services for technically complex buildings in Montana and beyond. From design and installation to ongoing maintenance and security, our best-in-class people and products help you achieve operational savings and minimize risk as you work to provide reliable and safe environments.

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