5 Ways Building Security Helps Your Business

Business success and profits can be connected to building safety and security. A secure business environment lends itself to happy employees and lightens the heavy load managers, and business owners must bear daily.

An unsecured place of business leads to harmful effects that can negatively impact the bottom line and cause excessive employee turnover. It may take only one act of vandalism or theft to cripple your IT system, destroy or compromise sensitive records, and result in significant inventory losses.

Whether small or large, your business deserves a state-of-the-art and strategically planned security system to ensure your building’s occupants and assets are safe. This helps keep your business moving and prospering in the competitive world we live in today.

Following are five ways a secure environment can help your business.

Surveillance keeps intruders out and employees above board

Security surveillance systems perform many essential functions, but prevention is one of the most important to your business. Keeping the proverbial barn door closed before the horses get out is one of the main functions of security cameras. Simply put, surveillance preserves the integrity of your business.

Installing a video surveillance system is a proactive way to deter crimes such as theft, vandalism, defacing, and trespassing. Also, some of your employees may have access to sensitive company information or handle cash, and office surveillance can detect potential troubles before they occur.

Building surveillance can also deter fraudulent on-the-job employee injuries and support your position in a potential lawsuit— video evidence is admissible in criminal and civil court.

Implementing access control ensures complete control

Controlling unauthorized building access and knowing who is in your facility at all times is vital to protecting your assets and electronic information, preventing inventory theft, and, most importantly, protecting employees from potentially dangerous scenarios.

Therefore, it’s essential to address and close any of these gaps and prevent risk by installing a secure building access system. Depending on your budget, there are different ways to secure your building’s doors and access portals, from traditional keys and ID badges to more advanced systems like face and fingerprint recognition.

An increasingly popular and affordable system is digitally-enabled access control, ensuring that you have complete control over unauthorized access and all-encompassing building security. A digitally enabled system consists of electronic key cards, integrated reporting, intrusion detection, and other features.

Communication Systems

A business that employs an emergency and mass communication solution ensures that in case of a facility emergency, threat, or medical emergency, all stakeholders can operate efficiently and in one accord.

A sound emergency communication system consists of a predetermined emergency plan, an in-house emergency response team, and technology designed for managers and employees to communicate with one another and outside emergency response personnel.

Security software allows real-time monitoring, linking threats to valuable assets, proactive anticipation of risks, automating response activities, and enabling team collaboration.

Another characteristic of mass communication is a panic alarm, which can be added to your existing system. A panic alarm system can add value to your business by augmenting your building security and safety program. It can potentially save lives in an emergency situation and cause employees to feel safe.

You should consider a wireless panic alarm system for the following areas:

  • Security stations
  • Receptionist desks
  • Any place where cash is received or processed
  • Warehouse and receiving areas

A business mass communication system makes sense and can save thousands of dollars in business liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Security minimizes risk to your business

Unmitigated risks can lead to losses and a stained personal and business reputation. Implementing a business security system minimizes and reduces the severity of the risk to your operation. By being proactive, you save on insurance costs, attract qualified talent, and establish goodwill in the community.

Integrating security and building systems for a smoother operation

Building security is vital to your employees’ economic health and well-being, and a well-thought-out solution is a good starting point. Still, system integration can take your business’s security system to the next level.

Many businesses are coupling their security systems with building automation controls, energy management systems, and network and data center connectivity.

 Integrating system technologies help your business run efficiently and reliably so that your building is more productive and easier to manage. An integrated system can be designed and installed by a professional.

Secure your business today

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